O’Reilly Law Group: An entrepreneurial spirit

All too often, lawyers get a bad rap for their supposed propensity for telling you why you can’t do certain things as a business owner looking to grow your business.

At O’Reilly Law Group, firm president Timothy R. O’Reilly and firm chairman and chief executive officer John F. O’Reilly embrace a different approach.

According to Tim and John, one major trait that O’Reilly Law Group shares with its business clients is a genuine entrepreneurial spirit.

The team at O’Reilly Law Group understands that business ventures can be a calculated gamble, and our experience can be invaluable for business owners as they forge a path to success while remaining within the letter and spirit of the law while keeping the relevant regulating bodies happy with the way our clients conduct their business.

John emphasizes that the firm has been blessed through the decades by being involved in many major issues from a litigation standpoint as well as from a business transaction standpoint.

On the litigation side of the house, the O’Reilly Law Group team is there to serve as experienced litigators. They are 100 percent focused on the issues that make a real difference to the client and their investment of time and resources. In fact, for many business owners, some of the most valuable advice on legal issues may be how to take steps to avoid legal issues.

In addition to guiding business owners and helping them navigate the legal landscape, John O’Reilly is also proud to serve as an expert witness in matters involving regulatory bodies.

We invite you to contact us at O’Reilly Law Group in Las Vegas today at 702-382-2500. Visit www.oreillylawgroup.com for more information about our Las Vegas law firm.