Gaming, Hospitality & Entertainment

Our Global Gaming, Hospitality & Entertainment Group is at the forefront of the national and international expansion of the leisure industry as well as at the forefront of the convergence of gaming, entertainment, hospitality, retail, real estate development and communications industries. We are also at the forefront of new technology and distribution systems that help shape the future of both electronic and traditional gaming.

The Global Gaming, Hospitality & Entertainment Group represents nearly all components of this increasingly global industry from owners and operators of casinos to major manufacturers, studios, distributors, developers of multimedia projects and applications and event promoters. We negotiate and prepare agreements for the financing, development, production, distribution, licensing and exploitation of gaming opportunities as well as multimedia products (such as CD-ROMs, software and video games) and new table games.

Our Gaming, Hospitality & Entertainment attorneys focus on providing legal services to owners, lenders, developers and operators of:

Hotels & Resorts

Restaurants, Golf Courses, Country Clubs & Tennis Facilities

Sports Clubs & Spas

Sports Complexes, Stadiums & Arenas

Development Projects

Themed Properties

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